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Stress Management

What is Stress Management?

The staff at StressCare Behavioral Health, Inc. have many years of experience helping people learn to cope more effectively with stress.

Stress management is a process that involves sessions with a therapist as well as the completion of home-based assignments. While stress management training may take many forms based on your needs, we usually focus on two primary areas. 

  1. Learning to manage physical signs of tension and stress.
  2. Learning to manage thoughts and feelings that lead to stress.

Stress management training can consist of many components and may include the following:

  • Progressive muscle relaxation training
  • Deep breathing
  • Biofeedback¬†(a device that measures physical indicators of stress and tension and provides feedback facilitating change)
  • Time management
  • Managing emotions through the use of cognitive behavioral skills¬†(changing thoughts to change emotions)
  • Guided imagery
  • Mindfulness meditation

Whatever your needs, StressCare Behavioral Health, Inc. is your resource for learning to manage stress effectively.

Our Focus is on YOUR Care

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