Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) emphasizes “Help In The Moment,” whether for workplace issues needing immediate attention or other services such as counseling, training as well as Pre-Employment, Alcohol and Drug Assessments and others. We offer a personal service committed to your needs.

For Employers

Management Consultations

Delivered by an EAP Professional to help review issues of concern and to arrive at a plan of action to address these issues affecting workplace performance or behavior

Corporate Training (Standard & Customized)

Professional training delivered by a licensed counselor on a myriad of topics, including, but not limited to compliance trainings, drug-free workplace trainings, stress management, and work/life balance to name a few.

Crisis Intervention and Trauma Informed Care

Expert care for any disruptive work event, with the aim of building resilience and effective coping in the moment. May be delivered in an individual or group format.

For Employees

EAP Assessment

A brief review of your history in relation to your current needs; includes recommendations for care.

EAP Counseling

A brief, solution-focused counseling to address a current issue in your life; children, teens, adults, couples and families

Information/Referral Services

Guidance from an EAP Professional regarding existing resources in the community to address specific requests, such as where to seek help for legal, financial, elder care, a support group, or for information on coping, etc.

Individual and Group Coaching

Delivered by a Life Coach to support one in pursuing specific self-identified goals in life; differs from counseling and is suitable for anyone wanting extra support to focus on a specific goal.

Specialized Evaluations

  • DOT/SAP Evaluations – Required evaluation done by a qualified substance abuse provider under federal regulations, when one violates federal regulations governing modes of transportation.
  • Pre-employment Screenings – Employer requested screening to determine if one is a good candidate for a job. 
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations – Employer requested evaluation by a psychologist, when one is exhibiting aberrant behavior or violating policies in the workplace, to determine if one is fit for his or her duties


Glenn I. Swimmer

Glenn I. Swimmer


Dr. Swimmer is a graduate of the University of Illinois-Urbana and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. He is a Clinical Psychologist experienced working with adults facing many life issues. Also, his experience includes helping individuals coping with medical problems, particularly chronic pain. Dr. Swimmer has directed accredited comprehensive chronic pain programs and has served as an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Michigan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, as well as a Board member of various professional pain societies. While he is the President and Founder of StressCare Behavioral Health, Inc. and PainCare of Northwest Ohio, his passion is being of service to his patients.

Marsha Drees

Marsha Drees


Marsha Drees joined StressCare in 2016 as a master level social worker with 28 years of experience in general mental health and substance use disorder treatment. Marsha is the Director of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). She began her work in EAP in 2001, having managed clinical teams and contracts for companies from a wide variety of service industries. She is skilled in management consultation, corporate training, crisis management, and program design. She thoroughly enjoys assisting management teams in bringing out the best in their employees. Marsha uses Brief Solution Focused Therapy in her passion for helping people embrace challenges in life, so they may cope in virtually any circumstance and find new meaning in their lives. She has worked in outpatient settings as a clinician, as an employee assistance professional, and as a program director. Marsha is also a well-regarded corporate trainer, specializing in drug-free safety programming, trauma informed care and mental health first aid.

Marsha is a graduate of the University of Toledo and Case Western Reserve University. She is an Ohio Licensed Independent Social Worker, with supervision endorsement, an Ohio Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, with supervision endorsement, a Certified Employee Assistance Professional and a Qualified Substance Abuse Provider.

Erin Karl

Erin Karl


Ms. Karl has been in practice since 2014 and holds licenses in both mental health and substance abuse counseling. She is a graduate of Capella University with a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Prior to this Erin graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication. She has held positions with Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services, Co-Pilot Counseling in addition to her work on the StressCare Behavioral Health Team. Her approach to therapy is laid back, authentic and solutions focused. Each client is unique and deserves to be cared for as such. Erin takes into account every aspect of an individuals life in order to provide the most relevant and complete care.

Katherine Andros

Katherine Andros


Kathy has more than 20 years experience working in public agencies, Employee Assistance Programs and private practices. Kathy enjoys presenting workshops on diversity, stress management and sexual harassment. Her clinical interest is in working with adults and young adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, stress, spirituality and chronic pain. “I want to help you live your best, most authentic life.”

Kathy is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with supervisory endorsement in the State of Ohio. She earned her Master’s Degree in Education specializing in counseling from the University of Toledo.

Nancy Rank

Nancy Rank


Nancy is a licensed professional counselor, with a declared scope of practice in employee assistance programming. She brings to her role 26 years of experience as a hospital administrator and clinical counselor, as well as prior experience in outpatient behavioral healthcare. She is a graduate of the University of Toledo with a Master of Education in Guidance Counseling. degree. She thoroughly enjoys her work helping individuals and work groups effect change in their lives. She is skilled in EAP counseling, crisis care, and corporate training.

Darcel Elliott

Darcel Elliott


Darcel is a licensed social worker and a licensed professional clinical counselor, with a declared scope of practice in employee assistance programming, general behavioral health, and chemical dependency. She has been practicing as a counselor and supervisor for 26 years, having served many of those years working with delinquent youth and their family systems. She is a graduate of Heidelberg College with a Master of Arts in Counseling and a graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Creative Writing.

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